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Selected carefully from the premium vineyards of South Australia,
Dragonfly Wine is a sweet and sexy wine, best enjoyed anytime, anywhere.
Add Dragonfly wines to your list of great sweet wines,
for it is made carefully by our Oenologist, James Kalleske,
who after years of research have succeeded in perfecting the taste &
quality of Dragonfly Wines.

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Hatten Bali 2023: Bali Local & Wine Lover!

Hatten Bali 2023: Bali Local & Wine Lover!

In 1994, a visionary with a profound love for Bali and a deep passion for wine embarked on a remarkable journey. Ida Bagus Rai Budarsa, a local of the enchanting island, set out to accomplish something truly extraordinary. With unwavering determination and a desire to share Bali’s unique flavors with the world, he founded Hatten […]

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