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PT Hatten Bali Tbk.

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Defying the popular notion that growing grapes and producing quality wine in the Asian tropics is near impossible, Hatten Wines has managed to establish a successful wine trade while gathering some international recognition.


Founded in 1994 by Ida Bag us Rai Budarsa, the first and only true Balinese winery, Hatten Wines bring a taste of Bali to hotels and restaurant tables all over Indonesia. From its inception Hatten Wines has been recognized as a pioneer in winemaking and viticulture, a tradition that continues to this day. Thus, made Hatten Wines being voted in the top 10 for fastest improving producers in Asia, Hatten Wines is committed to international standards of quality and taste.
Hatten Wines uses local grape to produce its wines from its own vineyards in North Bali (Buleleng Regency) which grows the local black grapes - the Alphonse-Lavallee French table grapes and white grape varieties - Belgia and Probolinggo Biru.

As a result of continue research and development our vineyard successes to grown international grape variance in our vineyard this is a breakthrough for grape viticulture in Indonesia, we are pleased to present Syrah, Malvasia Nera, Muscat Bleu, Chenin Blanc and Colombard grapa in our blending of new Hatten ranges in 2019.

These varieties are grown in vineyards along the North Coast of Bali, and need no dormant periods as wine vines do, hence the possibility for Hatten Wines to produce wines year long. It is at the winery in Sanur, where the knowledge and experience of Australian consulting winemakers come into play. This solid team of the Australian artist winemaker and Balinese owner, have now two brands under their watchful eye.

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Penjualan Melejit 130,78%, Hatten Bali (WINE) Membalikkan Rugi jadi Laba Bersih

Penjualan Melejit 130,78%, Hatten Bali (WINE) Membalikkan Rugi jadi Laba Bersih

KONTAN.CO.ID - JAKARTA. PT Hatten Bali Tbk (WINE) berhasil mencetak kinerja cemerlang sepanjang tahun lalu. Emiten yang bergerak di bidang distribusi minuman beralkohol khususnya wine ini membukukan penjualan sebesar Rp 189,38 miliar.