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In order to improve internal control in preventing fraud and deviation practices as well as strengthen the implementation of Good Corporate Governance (GCG) practices in the work environment. PT. Hatten Bali Tbk emphasizes the importance of openness and integrity in reporting deviations or offense of applicable regulations. This policy is designed to provide an easy and structured for employees and external parties to report offense by providing a clear and accountable process.

Scope of Whistleblowing System

The scope of complaints/disclosures that will be followed up by the Whistleblowing System are actions/offense that could detrimental to the Company are as follows :

  • Offense of legislation
  • Abuse of position for the other interests outside the Company
  • Conflict of Interest
  • Fraud
  • Stealing or embezzlement
  • Fraud or impropriety;
  • Blackmail
  • Gratification

Whistleblowing System Report Elements

Complaints will be easy to follow up if they fulfill the following 5W + 1H elements:

  • What: The reported offense
  • Who: Who is involved in the offense
  • Where: Where the offense happen
  • When: When the offense happen
  • Why: Why the informant believes the offense occurred (can be accompanied by supporting evidence)
  • How: How the offense was committed (pathway, mode, method, etc.)

Reporting Media

The reporter submits a complaint/disclosure of offense to WBS team by the media that  has been provide by PT. Hatten Bali Tbk :

E-mail    : [email protected]

Phone     : 081138111770

Flow of System WBS Process

Protection for Whistleblowers

  • The identity of the informant and the contents of the report submitted are guaranteed confidentiality by the Company.
  • The company guarantees protection for whistleblowers from all forms of threats, intimidation, or unpleasant actions from any party as long as the whistleblower maintains the confidentiality of the offense complained of to any party.
  • The Company provides protection to Whistleblowers including: protection for career in the form of unfair termination of employment or demotion of position, protection against physical threats in the form of offense, harassment or discrimination including detrimental entries in their personal data files, protection from legal claims both criminal and civil.